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Ethernet cableHello. This is Natasha Judd, blogging for Taskforce Digital for the first time. It’s a first time that has been a long time coming.

Back at the start of this year, after two years of freelancing by myself, I was again wanting to be part of something bigger, something that could do more, achieve more, make more of a difference than I could alone. And so sparked an idea: Taskforce Digital. Not an agency. Not an employer. That may come, but not yet.

Instead, Taskforce Digital is, for now, a collection of talented freelancers, who come together to work on digital projects for a range of commercial and charity clients. These freelancers are people I’ve worked with at various jobs over the last ten years, people I’ve worked with for more recent projects, people I trust. People who can work alongside me and alongside clients, and become part of an on-call team.

Right now, the Taskforce Digital team spend a lot of time on Shopify e-commerce stores, Google AdWords and Analytics, WordPress blogs and social media content plans. We’re running client feedback surveys and administering Saleforce CRMs. I imagine this will change. The web is changing, technology is changing. I’m using a picture of an ethernet cable with this entry, but connecting wirelessly to the Internet via my new laptop which doesn’t even have a DVD drive.

This site will change too, with time. I’ll add in more about what we do and who we work with. This might be a project for early 2014, when I’m on maternity leave with our second child. For now, there’s work to be done, sites to be finished, emails to be answered, and Christmas mince pies to bake before the end of the year.

For now, writing this first blog entry is an achievement in itself, and thanks must go to those who’ve helped out over the past twelve months and more. To Jo Lambert for her support from the start, to Joe White who created the logo and brand, to Philip Cuff and the team from Think Creative for their advice, to Clare Foster for her input into projects old and new, and to my husband Matt.

I’m hoping many more blogs will follow this, and that the Taskforce Digital website will become a space for the team to share their opinions on what’s going on online. The usual disclaimer applies: blog entries are the opinion of the individual concerned and not necessarily of Taskforce Digital or of any of the other members. Blog entries are merely starting points for comment and debate. The web’s good for that sort of thing.

The web’s good for a lot of things and here at Taskforce Digital, we’re good at getting stuff done on the web.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Natasha Judd

About Natasha Judd

Natasha has been a web geek since she had access to the web and a writer since she could write. She’s been working in digital communications roles for charities, government departments and commercial organisations for more than a decade, and set up Taskforce Digital in 2013. Natasha spends most of her online time on Facebook, Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress and NetMums.
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