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Re-importing photos in Windows 7

From the old blog. Not really on theme, but since it’s my all-time most popular blog entry, I figured I should keep it on the internet somewhere. I’ve been setting up my new HP laptop this afternoon: installing Office and Norton and iTunes. All was going well, until I decided to import the photos from […]

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HTML writer screenshot

HTML writer review

From the old blog. Have you ever wanted to edit your website when you’re away from your computer? Perhaps you’ve been sitting on the train and seen a sneaky spelling error on one of your pages or you’ve finally decided on a hexadecimal code that would give you the perfect background colour. HTML Writer lets […]

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Sleeping birds

When everyone’s twittering, how do you get yourself heard?

Growing up on an orchard, I didn’t need an alarm clock. Instead, in the early hours, the local birds would start their morning chorus: singing to the sunrise at an unmissable volume. While that was usually enough to wake me up and make me take notice, it was almost impossible to pick out the sound […]

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Social media and live events: Tips from the Royal Wedding

From the old blog. According to Wikipedia, back in 1981, approximately 750 million people watched Princess Diana’s wedding on television. This Friday, when Prince William and Kate Middleton marry, the television audience is anticipated to be closer to two billion. While I’m likely to be included in those 2011 statistics, I’m much more interested in how the […]

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Five iPhone applications for the Royal Wedding

From the old blog. At the end of this month, two university sweethearts will wed. The bride used to be an accessories buyer for Jigsaw and she still makes the best-dressed lists. The groom is a helicopter pilot and also His Royal Highness, Prince William of Wales. The British prince, second in line to the […]

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NFP Social Media League Table

From the old blog. Earlier this month, research consultancy NFP Synergy, published a social media league table for UK charities. This league table measures social media presence – the number of likes a charity has on Facebook, subscribers on YouTube, followers on Twitter and so on. You can download the report for free from the NFP Synergy website. Of course, […]

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Spotting comment spam

I got some lovely comments on my blog last night. Regards for this post, wrote one Justine Lamaack, I am a big fan of this site and would like to go along updated. Another commenter added: okay without appearing too sticky or groupie’ish you are amazing for posting this aha thanks man. There’s not many posts on my […]

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NCT Babychange Review

From the old blog. Before I had a baby, I used to be able to get ready and leave the house in less than five minutes. The first time I ventured out to the local shopping centre with our newborn, however, it took me over an hour and a half to prepare. Not only did […]

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M&S Foursquare Promotion

Saturday the 16th of April, or to use the American date format 04/16, was Foursquare Day. I only discovered this because of another promotion. Over the weekend of 16-17 April, UK retailer, M&S, were promising to donate £1 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer for every Foursquare user who checked into one of their stores. According to their site, […]

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Real estate sign with QR code

QR codes and real estate signs

From the old blog. I’ve always thought that QR codes, those black and white squares of lines and dots that have started appearing on marketing leaflets and billboards, were a bit of a gimmick. In fact, until earlier this week, I didn’t even have a QR reader on my phone. However, over the past couple of […]

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