Why isn’t my Facebook like box showing?

Facebook like box for Taskforce Digital as set up in the Facebook DevelopersLate last week, I was working on a couple of Shopify tweaks for a new client, including adding a Facebook like box to the footer. It’s not something I’d done for a while, but I managed to create the HTML5 and Javascript code using the Facebook Developers Like Box tool, insert that code into the right places in the template files, and great, it was done.

Until, I swapped over to Safari to check out all the changes I had made that day. On Safari, the like box wasn’t there.

Where had it gone?

I checked that the Javascript and HTML was still in the source code for the page. It was.

I changed the URL for my Facebook page in the code from https://www.facebook.com/taskforcedigital to http://www.facebook.com/taskforcedigital. The like box still didn’t display.

Finally, after a bit of Googling and reading through comments on forums and blogs, I worked out why.

It’s not me, it’s Facebook

The fact that the client’s like box had disappeared was nothing to do with my code, but rather how they had changed the settings for their Facebook page. As I’m not an administrator of their page, I’ve replicated the issue with the Taskforce Digital Facebook page below.

What had happened was that, when I set up the Facebook like box and tested it on the page, I was logged into Facebook in another tab of Chrome (this is not unusual). The Facebook like box appeared on the page as it should.

Now it's here.

Now it’s here.

However, when I tested it on Safari, I wasn’t logged into Facebook on that browser – and that’s what made the difference.

Now it's gone!

Now it’s gone!

Eventually I worked out that this was because of settings for the page on Facebook. In the Facebook page Admin Panel, you can click on ‘Edit page’ then ‘Edit settings’. Halfway down, you’ll see ‘Country restrictions’ and ‘Age restrictions’. In setting up the Taskforce Digital like box today, I tried setting these restrictions one at a time.

Restricting to the UK.

Restricting to the UK.

Restricting to people aged 17 and up.

Restricting to people aged 17 and up.

It seems that the Facebook like box is accesses these settings and comparing them with your Facebook account settings. When I was logged on, I could see the like box (on any browser I tried). However, when I wasn’t logged into Facebook, Facebook didn’t know that I was over 17 and the box didn’t appear. It wasn’t even using my IP address to guess that I was from the UK. It just wasn’t showing the box.

Remove the restrictions on Facebook, the box on my website reappears – even when I’m not logged into Facebook.

Anyway, hope this helps someone else out there. Perhaps it may even save you some time in trying to find a coding solution for the issue.

I’ve taken the Facebook like box off our sidebar for now, but if you do want to like Taskforce Digital, you can do so on our Facebook page.

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Natasha has been a web geek since she had access to the web and a writer since she could write. She’s been working in digital communications roles for charities, government departments and commercial organisations for more than a decade, and set up Taskforce Digital in 2013. Natasha spends most of her online time on Facebook, Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress and NetMums.

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  1. Jay January 27, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    Glad this isn’t just me then! Been driving me nuts for a long time as to why it showed up sometimes but not others. Makes perfect sense as the bar I’m currently working on, their feed is age restricted so it only shows up when I’m logged in.

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