Are you writing the blog entries that people are looking for?

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Blog entries are a great way to bring people to your website. They provide fresh content related to your organisation or business – the type of fresh content that search engines love. Other bloggers are also more likely to link to your blog posts than the home page (or services page) of your website, and those links can bring both referred traffic and a higher ranking on search engines.

So, how do you create the sort of content that people are looking for and linking to?

Google keyword tool and Google trends can give you an indication of how popular particular keywords related to your industry are – and how this popularity has changed over time. Writing articles which feature these popular terms  on is one way to optimise your website for searches relating to your specific niche.

However, this form of keyword-based SEO is not the be-all and end-all of website content. It’s important to also tap into what people in your industry are interested in right now. Listen in to conversations using Twitter search, look at the questions that people are asking in LinkedIn Answers. Has something in your field changed in the last week? In the social media space, for example, Facebook has recently altered its promotion guidelines again. When I was searching for more information about these changes last night, it was the early bloggers who got my clicks and a link back to their posts.

Alternatively, is something big going to happen in the near future? Is there an event coming up which you can link in to your topic? Last month, I wrote a couple of blog posts themed around the Royal Wedding: one on iPhone applications and another around social media use. The social media post is now the second most visited article on my blog (behind an earlier article I wrote on Facebook competitions).

The final thing to remember is that on the internet, you’re rarely a minority of one. If you’re searching for information and can’t find it, then chances are that other people will be looking for that information unsuccessfully too. Can you write a blog post to fill the gap? My post on re-importing photos in Windows 7 came from such a search. While it’s never going to be my main source of traffic, it’s been responsible for one or two new visits to my site every day since I wrote it.

Again, I’ve written a post here which focuses on content. So be it. In my opinion, content is absolutely key. Writing posts that are topical and useful is beneficial for both audience engagement and search engine result.

That said, there are specific keyword strategies and technical tips, including search-friendly URLs, title tags and internal linking, which can also help your blog be found by searchers. You can find some of these in this article by Rowan Pawale. If you’ve got other tips for bloggers, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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